When you first begin to wear orthotics, your feet will experience subtle, yet distinct changes. After all, most people are not accustomed to walking with well-balanced feet! Like any appliance you begin to wear for the first time (eyeglasses, dentures, and so on), there is a normal break-in period of 30 days, just like a new pair of shoes. But a few weeks of graduated acclimation is usually all that’s required for you to gain a feeling of invigorating comfort. Should you have a problem with your orthotics after the break-in period, we will adjust or replace them free of charge. Then if you still have difficulties after the 60 day period, we will refund your money.

During the first 30 days you may return your orthotics for any reason and we will do everything possible to adjust or re-make the orthotics to your satisfaction. Please call us at 888-353-7834 to get a Return Authorization Number from us.

Our willingness to take these risks, to maintain this unprecedented repair / replace policy, is your assurance of our confidence in the benefits of our Foot And Back Pain Solutions. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Please check the Orthotics Purchase Center for any other information or our Questions & Answers Section. You can also Ask The Expert or call 888-353-7834.

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