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Our XA Custom Running Orthotics for Heel Spurs are a perfect fit for serious marathon and distance runners who run five to fifteen miles per day. It is designed to withstand the repetitive and prolonged stresses to the heels, arch, balls of the feet and toes during the stance and swing phase of running. Our reinforced longitudinal arch is great for Plantar Fasciitis (arch pain) as well as provides structural support to prevent foot, ankle, knee and low back discomfort. Our bio-mechanical rear foot design provides balance and control in preventing shin splints, Achilles Tendonitis and stress fractures. This custom orthotic features the latest composite materials with a reinforced arch for great distance control. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

HS Groove Technology And HS Offloading

Circular laser cut technology at the origin of the heel spur in combination with memory foam depth padding to redistribute and remove the source of the heel irritation.

These orthotics are modified for Heel Spur Syndrome by offering a custom heel cutout built directly into your orthotics.

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