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Orthotics For Morton's Neuroma

Our New Best Tier 3 Carbon Fiber Composite Sport Orthotics for Morton's Neuroma are made with the MN Offloading with latest materials specially customized for Morton's Neuroma.

Voted Best Orthotics For Morton's Neuroma!


Morton's Neuroma is a common problem, and there are a number of simple fixes you can try before resorting more drastic solutions like sclerosing or surgery. Morton's Neuroma can sometimes be felt after 20 – 30 minutes of exercise and is described as a numbing or feeling that something is caught at the center of their shoe such as a lump in their sock.

TL2100 Carbon Fiber is simply the best, lightest, most comfortable semi-rigid/rigid orthotic and most expensive of all Carbon Fiber Materials in the market. They are perfect for the athlete who demands the best in custom motion control. These Orthotics For Morton's Neuroma will provide the best stability and support needed in your foot control. This device is best suited for athletes or others who require the best functional support. This is definitely our most durable and supportive in our orthotic line. These orthotics are functional in correcting improper foot alignment issues.

Why pay $700, $800, or $900 at your Podiatrist? Buy these Premium Orthotics at Factory Direct Pricing!

New Technology! Neuroma Offloading!

Our state of the art Metatarsal Transverse Arch Support and Groove provided at the surgical neck of the involved metatarsal bones spread the involved tissues and allows the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma to dissipate. Orthotics are ALWAYS the Best option for conservative care! Surgery is always a last resort!

Do not consider surgery. The results from surgery are at best questionable. Orthotic Therapy is the conservative approach to alleviate your pain.


Orthotics For Morton’s Neuroma

Why pay $700, $800, or $900 at your Podiatrist? Buy these Premium Orthotics For Morton’s Neuroma at Factory Direct Pricing!

  • Carbon Fiber & Acrylic
  • Super Strong
  • Shoe Compliant

New Technology! Neuroma Pad & MN Groove!

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Can be customized for 2 people.

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