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Our TL2100 Custom Hockey Orthotics are a perfect fit for hockey players who need superior control to maximize foot and leg function while playing hockey. Our Hockey Orthotics give you tremendous blade control. These TL2100 Custom Hockey Orthotics are made with the latest materials.

TL2100 Carbon Fiber is simply the best, lightest and most expensive of all Carbon Fiber Materials in the market. Our TL2100 Custom Hockey Orthotics are simply the most comfortable semi-rigid/rigid orthotics in the marketplace! They are perfect for people who demands the best in custom motion control. These Custom Hockey Orthotics will provide the best stability and support needed in your foot control. These orthotics are best suited for people who require the best functional support. This is definitely our most durable and supportive in our orthotics line. These orthotics are functional in correcting improper foot alignment issues.

Don’t be fooled by shoe inserts bought over the counter. Our Custom Orthotics are built from molds of your feet to meet your unique needs. 

These orthotics can be customized for people with Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Overpronation, Supination, Flat Feet, Back Pain, Hallux Limitus, Hallux Rigidus, and other Foot Pain.

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