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Our New Carbon Fiber Composite Hybrid Custom Golf Orthotics made from super thin and super lightweight materials.

Our Hybrid Custom Golf Orthotics offer the golfer a superior combination of exceptional support and balance and are made of continuous weave carbon fiber materials, have semi-rigid or rigid bio-mechanical control, are super thin and super lightweight with handcrafted composite rearfoot posts for maximum bio-mechanical control. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

Our Carbon Fiber Composite Material Is Carbon And Glass Continuous Fiber Shell. Orthotics Are Posted With A Low Profile Rear Foot Stability Bar And Finished With The Latest Durable Open Cell Materials With Non Skid Plantar Forefoot Support.

Why Pay $500, $600 or more from your Podiatrist for Golf Orthotics?

  • Aerodynamic
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Versatile

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