Orthotics For Turf Toe

Turf Toe is simply a limited range of motion of the Big Toe Joint.  Our Orthotics For Turf Toe will help with this issue.

This disorder can be very troubling and even disabling because as it progresses the Great Toes range of motion decreases as time goes on. When motion of the big toe is somewhat limited, the condition is called Turf Toe. But as the problem progresses, the toe range of motion decreases until it reaches the end stage of a frozen toe. Treatment always starts with conservative orthotic therapy inclusive of a Morton’s Extension or a K-Wedge. Our Orthotics For Turf Toe is the perfect choice for this. Surgery is always a last resort.

3 Options Are Available For Your Turf Toe

  1. Firm finger like rigid control for great toe
  2. Medium great toe support with EVA control
  3. Soft control for cushion and comfort of great toe joint

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  • Uni-Body One Piece Construction Custom Orthotics


    Our new Uni-Body One Piece Construction Orthotics. Newest construction with finger-like extension for great toe function. Great for issues with Hallux Rigidus, Hallux Limitus and Turf Toe. Lightweight. Can be semi-rigid or rigid, depending on your weight. Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage.

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