• XL2700 Golf Orthotics (Feather Light) MATERIAL TIER 5


    Golf Orthotics

    Our New Feather Light Series Golf Orthotics are made with the latest Carbon Fiber Materials.

    XL2700 Carbon Fiber is simply the lightest and most expensive of all Carbon Fiber Materials in the market. XL2700 Feather Light Golf Orthotics are simply the most comfortable semi-rigid/rigid orthotic in the marketplace! They are perfect for the Golfer who demands the best in custom motion control.

    Please keep in mind, that the average price for Carbon Fiber Orthotics in your Doctors office is $600-$900 per pair, not including the cost of the initial office visit!

    • Increased Performance
    • Prevents Lateral Sway
    • Better Balance
    • Reduce Foot, Knee and Low Back Discomfort
    • Prevents Fatigue
    • Prevents Injuries
    • Greater Push-Off

    Bio-Mechanical Indications

    • Forefoot Deformities
    • Hallux Rigidus/Limitus
    • Heel Spurs Bunions
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Metatarsalgia
    • Morton's Neuroma

    5 Star Rating For Custom Orthotics

    "Had orthotics for 2 months. Amazing orthotics! My Foot Pain is gone. My legs are so much stronger"

    LI, Reno,NV

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  • RX Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics



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    Tier 5: Best RX Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics

    Available in 3/4 Length and Full Length. Great For Cleats!

    From our R&D assets we introduce the Worlds Thinnest, Lightest Strongest Custom Orthotics. Our Tier 5: Best RX Carbon Fiber, a breakthrough in technology...ultra-light, ultra-thin and virtually indestructible! (1.7mm thin)

    Break resistant! Supports a deep heel cup up to 25 mm. Appropriate for all orthotics, but excels with low profile Men's & Women's dress shoes, Italian loafers and Athletic Cleats...An Amazing product!

    Customized For:

    • Achilles Tendonitis
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Morton's Neuroma
    • Flat Feet
    • High Arches
    • Overpronation
    • Overuse Syndrome
    • Runner's Knee
    • Tibial Stress Syndrome

    4 Levels Of Rigidity
    (Questions About Rigidity Levels: Click Here)

    • Flex
    • Semi-Rigid
    • Rigid
    • Ultra-Rigid

    Our Tier 5: Best RX Carbon Fiber Orthotics will provide the best stability and support needed in your foot control. This is definitely our most lightweight, thin, durable and supportive in our orthotic line.

    These orthotics are functional in correcting improper foot alignment issues.

    They provide superior cushioning and shock absorption for all athletic & walking footwear.

    Don't Pay $600 to $900 At A Foot Doctors Office. Our Orthotics Are The Same As Doctors Office At Half Price

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    Buy 2 Pairs And Save! Why Buy 2 Pair? Because Sport Orthotics are not designed for your work or dress shoes. Can be customized for 2 people. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

    2 Pair Specials: Click Here

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    Foot Impression Kits Ship within Two Business Days Of Your Order
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