• INX Men’s/Woman’s 3/4 Casual Orthotics (Standard) MATERIAL TIER 1

    Description: Our Tier 1 INX Custom Men's / Woman's 3/4 Custom Orthotics are designed for those who plan to move the orthotics between different types of shoes. They are the perfect Custom Orthotics for everyday casual shoes and moving from shoe to shoe, giving great shock absorption and ultimate control for all men's dress shoes. Lightweight, non-skid and are made of proprietary carbon fiber and glass materials, have semi-rigid or rigid bio-mechanical control, are thin and lightweight offering amazing support without bulking your casual shoes. Lifetime Warranty against breakage.
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  • CGF Custom Orthotics MATERIAL TIER 1


    Custom Orthotics

    Our CGF Custom Orthotics are a perfect fit for people who need superior control to maximize foot and leg function. They are designed to support your foot's arch and absorb shock of everyday activity.

    These Custom Orthotics are made of generic Carbon Fiber and Glass, have semi-rigid bio-mechanical control, are thin and light with composite rear foot posts for maximum bio-mechanical control. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

    Don't be fooled by shoe inserts bought over the counter. Our Custom Orthotics are built from molds of your feet to meet your unique needs.

    Our Orthotics are Custom Made and are the same Orthotics as your Foot Doctor.

    These orthotics can be customized for people with Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, Overpronation, Supination, Flat Feet, Back Pain, Hallux Rigidus, Hallux Limitus, and other Foot Pain.

    We will customize these orthotics for any foot issues you may have and the type of shoe you wear.

    Now available 4 levels of rigidity: Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Rigid, and Ultra-Rigid based on you height and weight!

    Ask about our new Copper Infused And Memory Foam Top Covers at No Additional Charge.

    Here is what some of our customers has to say about our Custom Orthotics:

    5 Star Rating Custom Orthotics

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    "I was impressed with the workmanship and the quality of the product."

    L.G. Phoenix, AZ

    I was skeptical at first, so happy now. My foot and back pain are gone. 

    S.R. – Lexington, KY

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  • Carbon Fiber Continuous Fiber Shell Casual Orthotics (Lightweight) MATERIAL TIER 2


    Custom Casual Orthotics

    Material Tier 2 Custom Casual Orthotics for Men or Women are made of State of the Art Carbon Fiber Composite Material that is Carbon And Glass Continuous Fiber Shell, posted with a Low Profile Rear Foot Stability Bar and finished with the latest Durable Open Cell Materials with Non Skid Plantar Forefoot Support. The best of both worlds, if money is a consideration. Also includes a Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

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  • Premium TL2100 Carbon Fiber Casual Orthotics (Ultra Strong) MATERIAL TIER 3

    Description: Material Tier 3 Custom Casual Orthotics are made of our Premium Carbon Fiber and are simply the best, lightest and most expensive of all Carbon Fiber Materials in the market. These Premium Orthotics are simply the most comfortable semi-rigid/rigid orthotic in the marketplace! They’re perfect for people who demand the best in custom motion control and include a Lifetime Warranty against breakage. 5 Star Rating For Custom Orthotics "As a UPS driver, I am on my feet daily, up and out of my truck. These TL2100 Orthotics are by far the best orthotics I have ever bought. Better than the ones from my Podiatrist." AB, Houston TX
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  • RX Graphite Custom Orthotics MATERIAL TIER 5

    $399.00 $299.00

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    Tier 5 RX Graphite Custom Orthotics

    Available in 3/4 Length and Full Length. Great For Cleats!

    From our R&D assets we introduce the Worlds Thinnest, Lightest Strongest Custom Orthotics. Our Tier 5 RX Graphite, a breakthrough in technology...ultra-light, ultra-thin and virtually indestructible! (1.7mm thin)

    Break resistant! Supports a deep heel cup up to 25 mm. Appropriate for all orthotics, but excels with low profile Men's & Women's dress shoes, Italian loafers and Athletic Cleats...An Amazing product!

    4 Levels Of Rigidity

    • Flex
    • Semi-Rigid
    • Rigid
    • Ultra-Rigid

    Our Tier 5 RX Graphite Carbon Fiber Orthotics will provide the best stability and support needed in your foot control. This is definitely our most lightweight, thin, durable and supportive in our orthotic line.

    These orthotics are functional in correcting improper foot alignment issues.

    They provide superior cushioning and shock absorption for all athletic & walking footwear.

    Don't Pay $600 to $900 At A Foot Doctors Office. Our Orthotics Are The Same As Doctors Office At Factory Direct Prices.

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