Many people experience some kind of Joint Pain, usually in their hips, knees, or ankles. The source of the pain in these areas typically is due to a lack of proper support of the feet.

If the arches of your feet are not properly supported they can collapse, causing misalignment that moves up from the arch of your foot, through your ankles and shins to the knees, and up through the hips, back, and neck. Pain is caused by inflamed misaligned joints. A lack of alignment also increases the chance of injury.

Doctors Orthotics Custom Orthotics can help to reduce or eliminate these problems by dealing with them right at the source — your feet. Our Custom Orthotics provides support for the arches of your feet. This support encourages correct alignment, which has been shown to eliminate chronic pain throughout the body.

Our Orthotics Recommendation

Any one of our custom orthotics ordered can be modified for Joint Pain.

Our best recommendations for Joint Pain are our Running Orthotics

Testimonial: As a UPS driver, I am on my feet daily, up and out of my truck. Doctors Orthotics Custom Orthotics are by far the Best Orthotics I have ever bought. AB, Houston TX