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Back pain relief is the goal of more than 50 million Americans each year, and the diagnosis of the exact cause of back pain can be very frustrating, and expensive.

Many of the people who have back pain had one of the following problems: leg shortages, poor posture, or muscle strains and imbalances. All three of these problems place abnormal pressure and stress on the spine, causing inflammation and pain.


1. Leg Shortages: The body compensates for this by leaning towards the short leg, trying to extend it and make the short leg longer. This constant leaning puts a great deal of pressure on the spine. Eventually the spine becomes so inflamed from this pressure that pain results.

2. Poor Posture: By standing and walking improperly, due to slouching or abnormal ways of holding ourselves erect, we place tremendous abnormal forces on our spine. This causes inflammation of the bones that make up the spine, and this eventually causes pain. After many years of standing and walking with this posture, we cannot change it just by thinking about it.

3. Muscle Strains And Imbalances: Attached on either side of our spine are muscles of equal strength that keep the spine straight. If the muscles on one side of the spine become stronger than the muscles on the other side, there is a muscle imbalance. This causes the muscles on the weaker side to try and pull harder on the spine in order to keep it straight. These overworked muscles eventually become strained, inflamed, and painful.


1. Leg Shortages: By using Custom Orthotics with a lift built into it for the short leg, the legs are then made the same length. This stops the body’s need for compensation, which alleviates the abnormal pressure on the spine. Back pain relief means no pressure… no pain!

2. Poor Posture: By using Custom Orthotics that are designed with specific lifts and support, will reduce the abnormal forces on our spine caused by poor posture. No abnormal forces… no pain!

3. Muscle Strains And Imbalances: By using Custom Orthotics with proper support for the foot and leg on the weaker muscle side will help to re-balance the back muscles. When the muscles in the spine are balanced, there is no inflammation — no pain!

Doctors Orthotics Custom Orthotics are made with modern, comfortable materials that will last for years, without needing replacement. Our Custom Orthotics are custom-made from impressions of your feet, using the Doctors Orthotics Foot Impression Kit, specifically for you!

Doctors Orthotics Custom Orthotics For Back Pain are constructed of thin, comfortable, shock absorbent materials. These materials compress as you place your weight on the orthotic. This means they absorb the shock of each step rather than passing on these shocks to the leg and spine. These are truly modern materials and orthotics, which are extremely comfortable and durable. From the impressions of your feet that you make with our Foot Impression Kit, and the information you provide us on a comprehensive self-examination form, we design and construct a pair of orthotics that will help to reduce your unique back pains, muscle imbalances, postural defects, and foot abnormalities.

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