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What Are Doctors Orthotics?

A revolutionary medically-proven orthotic foot support developed by a noted foot doctor to eliminate pain and discomfort! Doctors Orthotics was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced orthotics available from a podiatrist. We are the Professional Alternative To High Priced Podiatry Orthotics! Custom Orthotics simply should not cost $500, $600, $700 or more.

Most podiatrists don’t design or produce their own orthotics. They send your order to a lab that makes the orthotics for them. These laboratories design, manufacture and sell the orthotics for astronomical prices directly to podiatrists. Then, the podiatrists mark up the orthotics additional 2-3 times before selling them to you.

Doctors Orthotics is very different in two ways:

  1. We Create our Own Designs Customized For Running, Walking, Sports & Dress: We’re independent. We are the factory! We take great pride in designing custom orthotics and we charge a fair price.
  2. We Sell Directly to You: Our web-based sales approach allows you to bypass the podiatrists and the high prices they charge.

The Doctors Orthotics Story …

As one of the nations leading orthotic laboratories for the manufacture of running, walking, sports, and dress orthotics, we have helped thousands of people with their foot problems to achieve their maximum endurance in standing, walking, and running. Although we didn’t invent foot supports we have developed a unique system that will enable you to have the benefits of custom orthotics at a fraction of the cost. Physicians have prescribed orthotics for many years and patients routinely paid $500, to $600, to $700 or more for the examination, fitting, and the actual orthotics themselves. But now Doctors Orthotics makes it possible for you to buy factory direct and save hundreds of dollars.

If you have problems with flat feet, low back pain, ankle pain, runners knee, pronation, plantar Fasciitis (arch and/or heel pain), heel spurs, neuroma, dropped metatarsals (metatarsalgia), corns and callouses, hammer toes and bunions, you should look at what we have to offer.

We have found that Doctors Orthotics performed consistently superior to orthotics fitted in the traditional way. Our revolutionary new 10-second dry molding system makes it all possible and comes to you in a convenient postpaid kit.

Nearly everything active people do for work or pleasure involves a lot of foot work — standing, running or walking. Any kind of foot problems can result in fatigue and pain of the feet, legs, hips, and back. Most foot problems such as corns, callouses, bunions, arch and heel pain, etc. are caused by the foot imbalances that occur when your feet are bearing weight and in motion. This imbalance can be corrected by orthotic foot supports.

An orthotic is an orthopedic device (usually custom fitted) designed to control foot function by correcting imbalances. An effective orthotic foot support does not merely “raise the arch”. By realigning the bones of the foot, it prevents excessive motion when you bear weight. This reduces overall skeletal stress and restores your overall stability.

Over the years there is gradual build-up of “wear and tear” on your feet. That’s why there is a very high probability that you’ll develop foot and related problems. Doctors’ Orthotics are particularly effective in relieving the fatigue and discomfort associated with “aging” feet. Because healthy feet are so important for mobility, Doctors’ Orthotics will actually improve your lifestyle by allowing you to be more active and productive.

Moreover, if you are overweight, excess body weight adds to the already heavy load your feet must carry. Doctors’ Orthotics effectively counteracts this extra stress and allow you to function more efficiently with greater comfort, and for longer periods of time.

Utilizing state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled equipment, your feet are mapped to capture every contour and structural characteristic to produce an incredibly accurate and comfortable orthotic foot support.

By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with our customers directly through our website, Doctors Orthotics is able to provide higher-quality, custom orthotics at a fair and reasonable price. Keep in mind the average cost of orthotics at a podiatrist is $575 not including the office visit, so we will save you hundreds of dollars.


To provide the best quality Custom Orthotics to our present and future customers. This is accomplished by continual quality control improvement and new product research and development. From idea implementation to innovation in new product materials and the highest of quality control standards. We believe that we offer the best of both customer care and customer satisfaction. That is why we can offer a new industry standard of a Lifetime Warranty against breakage. We look forward to serving you both today and tomorrow.

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